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Domestica Interiors  |  226 Green Street, Brooklyn, NY 11222  |  347.943.3320 

Our Philosophy, in a nutshell


We at Domestica have experienced first-hand that having a home with cohesion and beauty makes one's life infinitely better, on a multitude of levels.  (Our founder did this for her own apartments and loved it so much, she decided to start a company to help others do the same!) Sometimes, tiny changes to a living space can make an enormous impact, so even a little bit of adjustment can go a very long way. A beautiful home that one loves can be had on any budget, and many times this can be done just by fine-tuning what's already available in the home. We strive to keep all materials as eco-friendly as possible, sourcing from local artisanal designers, and buying US-made products, all while making sure we maintain our clients' individuality and personal aesthetic. We focus on organized, efficient and beautiful interior design - and we even add in some feng shui practices for good measure. We love making homes into beautiful, nurturing respites from the outside world.

The Types of People Who’ve Used Domestica’s Services / The Sorts of Jobs We Take


Those who identify as a Highly Sensitive Person, or who tend to be affected poorly by clutter, disorder, and/or other types of sensory overload in general  


AirBnB hosts wanting to charge more for a well-designed, energetically positive space 


Bachelors looking to make their apartment more inviting to potential partners

Apartment owners/renters who want to downsize and tweak their possessions to maximize efficient space and good design


Urban dwellers who are looking for a respite from the discord of contemporary city living

We do design assignments that take between three hours and up to many multiples of hours to complete. Sometimes just a closet, a bookshelf or an entryway needs work; sometimes it's just a slight tweaking towards overall better home design and functionality. Other times it’s a major overhaul. Or it's something in-between. Whatever size your project, we have the resources and skills to make your living space much, much, much more liveable.


Examples of What We Have Done In Our Clients’ Homes That Have Made

A Big Difference in Good Design, Efficient Living and/or Organizational Quality

painted old furniture a cohesive palette to make the entire room work together beautifully ||| replaced cabinet door handles to reflect a more contemporary look ||| organized bookshelves by spine color, height or subject ||| set up white noise makers to drown out chaos from outside the home ||| ordered a slipcover to transform a banal couch into a spectacular one ||| installed light-blocking drapes ||| selected fabric and made a series of throw pillows to unify and soften a room ||| selected plants and installed them in beautifully-designed planters ||| created a resting place for the trifecta of keys / phone / wallet ||| framed fabric swatches as a colorful art/design element in the home ||| cleared-out unloved/unworn clothing from multiple closets and donated them to good causes  ||| installed soft-white bulbs and dimmer switches to soften rooms ||| caulked cracks in ceiling, around doors, and in walls ||| researched area rugs and installed the selections ||| put up temporary wallpaper and decals, ideal for rental apartments ||| oversaw the purchase, framing and hanging of artwork ||| many more similar individually small but collectively largely impactful things.




Getting Started With The Design Process

We offer a free initial consultation session to determine your needs, desires, and the scope of your project. Call us today to schedule a free consultation! Please feel free to download our pre-consultation questionnaire for help in getting a clearer idea of your needs.



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