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Feng shui (and a bit of the Domestica origin story)

Feng shui (pronounced 'fung shway') is an ancient philosophy that harmonizes people with their environment. According to feng shui, the flow of energy in the form of ch'i (pronounced 'chee') can be manifest positively or negatively in one's surroundings. This ch'i is same conept of prana ('life force') in yoga practices and is what is effected by acupuncture - in fact, some people refer to feng shui as 'acupuncture for the home.'


Domestica Interiors employs a Western version of feng shui that is used seamlessly with contemporary design. Our feng shui-designed spaces are described as comfortable, inviting and safe spaces where people want to linger. Spaces in which feng shui has been correctly employed feel 'correct' and life flows easily. Focus can be placed on specific intentions of the inhabitant for sometimes subtle, sometimes astounding results.


But before feng shui can be applied to an environment, stuck energy -- often in the form of physical clutter -- must be eliminated. Every part of one's life is based energetically in one's living space; clearing out the material stagnation and rearranging objects into more harmonious positions can utterly revolutionize one's life.


I know this from personal experience. I'm Maire Kennedy, founder of Domestica and I've practiced feng shui in my various homes for over 10 years, with wonderful, sometimes astounding, results.




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