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This client, an entrepreneur and writer, wanted a more open, organized and welcoming space to work at home. The glass-block windows in this office area were the primary source of natural light for the entire apartment but were hidden by over-full shelving and dark curtains. We repurposed a shelf by flipping it on its side to create the standing desk that the client requested. To allow light in but to preserve privacy, we added frosted window paneling on the standard windows. We also added patterned sheer curtains to maintain maximum light flow while disguising the sadly-crumbling glass block walls (that otherwise would have required a massive construction overhaul beyond the scope of the modest budget). Uplifting art was placed in the line of view from the standing desk and a low reclining seat was added so that work could alternate between a standing position and an ergonomically beneficial sitting one. The dark walls were painted a light grey to expand the space further and the heavily-patterned rugs were replaced with a lighter floor covering that provided the inspiration for the room's palette.

Domestica Interiors  |  226 Green Street, Brooklyn, NY 11222  |  347.943.3320

Home Office, Upper West Side NYC

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